ECONET Wireless has hiked prices of Data, Social and SMS bundles again .The newly priced data hikes are effective from 29 August 2019. New prices are as highlighted below.


Daily Bouquets +iFlix +WIFI


  1. $3.0-40MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $6.5-180MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $10.0-400MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $1 5-800MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $24-1 500MB+W1F1+iFlix


Weekly Bouquets + I Flix  +WIFI


  1. $2.0-25MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $4.5-60MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $11.0-160MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $22-350MB+WIFI+iFlix


  1. $45-700MB+WIFI+iFlix


Monthly Bouquets +iFlix +WIFI


  1. $22-270MB+WIFI+iFlix


  1. $56.0-700MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $90-1,150MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $150-2,100MB+W1F1+iFlix


  1. $200-3,100MB+WIFI+iFlix


On top of the massive suffering people endure day by day, no service provider has remained behind in getting ahead of the inflation in Zimbabwe. Zupco bus prices remain the only hope for Zimbabwean nationals.

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