Bulawayo based Aglican Church priest Edgars Kasongo has sued the church’s Matebeleland district and the Anglican Province of Central Africa for $68 500,


Father Edgars Kasongo took his employers to court after claiming that they failed to pay him his salary for.


He accused the church of refusing or ignoring to pay him his dues.


The priest said he was entitled to a salary of $379 per month which the church failed to give him for two months and allowances of up to $799 which he had not paid him for three months.


Kasongo also demanded that the church compensates him for using his personal car on church businesses.


Father Kasongo is based at St Columbus Parish in Makokoba.


However, in 2013 soon after his appointment he was involved in a nasty feud with church members who accused him of being corrupt and disapproved his alleged crude behaviour.




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