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FIFA Lifts Chiyangwa’s life ban

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FIFA has imposed the dismissal of Phillip Chiyangwa, former regional football body president from the domestic football leadership considering it to be null and void.

There have been ongoing discussions between the regional football body and FIFA officials in relation to the life ban which had been placed on Chiyangwa and Omega Sibanda in December last year.

COSAFA says FIFA is strongly rallying behind Chiyangwa as ZIFA has been advised that the life ban imposed on Chiyangwa has no legal force, dismissing claims that Chiyangwa and Sibanda had been sabotaging domestic football.

A letter was written by Destombes addressed to COSAFA Member Association last Friday, giving an update on the consultations made with FIFA officials

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“A life ban was served upon Dr Chiyangwa and this decision was notified to COSAFA, CAF and FIFA. Following Dr Chiyangwa’s correspondence with FIFA on the matter now.

  1. ZIFA’s ban on Chiyangwa could not be sustained to affect his position as the leader of regional football body, Chiyangwa and Sibanda were not properly charged and were not given a chance to defend themselves FIFA are of the opinion that the ban served on Dr Chiyangwa is a nullity as due process was not followed; and
  2. Dr Chiyangwa has been mandated to find, in consultation with the Zimbabwe Football Association, the Sports & Recreation Commission and the Government of Zimbabwe, a lasting solution to the ongoing problems.’’ Wrote Destombes

Chiyangwa recently undergone a complex operation in South Africa and he couldn’t give a full statement on this issue.

“I have just been operated and still under observation by specialists for a 10-day period and at this moment I have nothing to say about football,” Said Chiyangwa




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