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Peter Moyo’s new bae Caroline Makamache doesn’t play.

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Reports say Caroline bought her bae a black Mercedes Benz and we are now awaiting a wedding. However Peter Moyo is not the first singer to be sponsored by a rich bae, even Stunner (Desmond Chideme) and Tytan scored an American  Visa from Olinda chapel.

So word of advice to these local singers especially those for Zim Dancehall or Hip pop should score those baes out of the country they might benefit.

Recently Caroline posted screenshots of her keeling down on video call with Peter her dear lover.

She commented that “somebody please tell Peter his job at the wedding is to show up and to say “I do”. Instead of causing me a migraine about how the theme colors will be red and white”.

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He scored indeed, Hope it won’t turn out to be another Olinda Tytan disaster.

Those not in the know would assume Caroline Makache’s rise to fame was after making headlines for buying a brand-spanking-new beamer for her boyfriend and musician Peter Moyo

She is a gospel musician and she says her music is inspired by the people around her, family and friends. Caroline also has a charity organization aimed at empowering women in various sectors titled Rutendo hope foundation.

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