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Bulawayo City Council resort to a 48 hour water supply schedule

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A drastic action has been taken by the Bulawayo City Council as the city now has a 48-hour water supply schedule to manage the water shortage situation.

This is not the first time that the 48 hour water supply schedule is introduced because in July the city council cut water supplies so as to make way for a major rehabilitation works and to stabilize water levels at reservoirs.

Bulawayo city council posted the notice on its Facebook page saying that this schedule has been necessitated by the current powercuts cross the country and the need to stabilize water levels in the city's reservoirs.

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BCC hopes that this system will improve the water reservoir levels which have drastically deteriorated as water consumption has increased since July and the load shedding which makes it worse for them to pump water without electricity.

Central business district and mines are said to be exempted from shedding whilst other residents in high-density areas will be affected more exceeding the 48-hour schedule, residents are advised to save water.

When the water levels of the reservoir improves the water-shedding schedule is expected to change.

 Bulawayo 48 hour water shedding schedule
Bulawayo 48 hour water shedding schedule


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