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Grain Marketing Board Increase Producer Prices.

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The Grain Marketing Board has increased the producer prices for maize and traditional grains namely sorghum, millet and rapoko to RTGS$4000.00 up from RTGS$2100.00.

In a notice in the Sunday Mail, GMB says “we encourage farmers who still have grain to take up the advantage of the new prices and urgently deliver their crop to the nearest depot”.

Three months ago the government had banned private grain sales and in September the Minister of Land, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Perrance Shiri legalised private grain sells.

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“All those who want to import grain are free to do so , be it for domestic consumption or resale. It is up to the individual. Import licences can be secured from the Ministry of Lands and agriculture. There is no limit to the amount of grain you can import into the country” he said

The country needs an estimated 800 000 tonnes of maize imports to cover the gap up to the next harvest and Government has assured the nation that no one will starve and the notice serves to harvest the grain with farmers left inorder to fill DURA.

Below is the notice:

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