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Latest Prices of Basic Goods 8/10/19

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We bring you the latest prices of basic goods. We strive to help you shop wisely so you can save some money. We went to three supermarkets OK First Street, Pick N Pay Second Street and Food World Jason Moyo.


Some of the standout price differences include 2kg Irvine's mixed portions which are going for $60.99 at OK and a staggering $87.60 at Food World. A difference of $26.61 or 43%.

See the current prices of over 50 products below. 

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ItemPick N Pay Second Street Price
OK First Street

Food World Jason Moyo
Mayonnaise Crosse and Blackwell 750gN/A29.9969.30
Irvine’s eggs Crate59.9947.9949.22
Salt 2kg Red Seal 19.9915.99N/A
Mazoe Orange Crush 2 litres41.9939.9939.99
MA-HAT-MA 2KG 54.9939.50N/A
Continental Taste Roller 10 KG48.9948.505970.
Gloria Flour 2KG49.9940.9945.00
Dendairy 500ML Milk8.998.39N/A
Cerevita Corn and Banana 800gN/AN/AN/A
Kellogs Cornflakes 500 grams42.9933.5975.45
Snip Tissue17.9915.00N/A
Domestos 750 mlN/A45.6045.05
Stay Free pads 8's9.99N/AN/A
Colgate 100ml9.997.9918.55
Mama's Jam 500grams 16.9916.9914.99
Boom 1KG37.9937.1934.45
Zimbrite washing soap 1KG18.9919.55N/A
Cremora 1kgN/AN/AN/A
Bread lobels, Bakers Inn, ProtonN/AN/AN/A
Sugar 2KG28.9930.5030.40
Camphor 500 ml 75.99N/A65.80
Jade 9.9910.99N/A
Cooking oil 2 litres51.99N/A49.99
Vaseline Blue seal 100 mls10.9915.9916.00
Popcorn 500 gramsPerfecto 8.29Pro Brands 19.99N/A
2kg Chicken Irvines
Mixed Portions
1kg beef blade93.9977.90N/A
country style sausage 1kgN/AN/AN/A
beef mince 1KG89.9977.90104.55
Lacto Dairiboard 500mlN/A10.9910.65
Lions Matches Pack9.996.5010.05
Probrands Candles 300 grams N/A19.6918.10
Dish Washer Spot Deal 750grams 17.99N/A19.35
Happy Day Diapers 20'sN/A56.8083.40
Dried Kapenta 250 grams 25.99N/AN/A
LakeHarvest Bream 1KG69.99 2KG 34.191KGN/A
Peanut Butter Mama's375 ml 27.6928.50N/A
Buttercup Margarine 35.99 1KG35.99 1KG 52.05 1KG
Cashiel Valley Tinned Beans 410 grams 13.599.9913.60
Tinned Fish Pilchards 155 grams 11.999.259.25
Shoe Polish 50 mlN/A15.40N/A
Fattis and Monis Spaghetti 500 grams29.9916.99N/A
Harpic 750ml48.9945.80N/A
Royco Usavi Mix 5.695.503.73
1 KG Jungle Oats 68.99N/A 48.39
Texan Tinned Beef Hot Chilli 300 grams 17.9920.7539.05
Vim Spotless 500 grams2.99N/A4.30
Dendairy Yoghurt 500 gramsN/A36.39N/A
Bubbles Foam Bath 2 litres59.99133.0066.65
Lyons Drinking Chocolate 250 grams 29.9928.75N/A

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