Ginimbi’s manager Shallen Nullen known as Ms. Shally was attacked on Instagram by one of Ginimbi ‘ Genius’ Kadungure’s fan after she said that they won’t be entertaining gate crushers at Ginimbi’s all-white birthday party to be held today at the Dreams Night Life.

A fan responded rudely to Ms. Shally’s post expressing disappointment for the announcement made by the manager.

” Learn to value yourself @mssshallyofficial, how come @ginimbi has never mentioned your name in public”, he said

Ms. Shally said she reacted after receiving numerous calls from fans who wanted to get invites when they were not part of the invited guests.

“My reaction when people call me saying I still have not received my invitation to @ginimbi all-white party so if you have not received an invitation please do not show up”, she said.

ms shally

ms shally

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