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Zim Female Celebs with Stunning Cars

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Yes, the cars may have been bought by their spouses or friends or whoever but the fact that they are the ones who ride them is what matters most.

The economy may be hard at the moment but that doesn’t stop our celebrities to drive flashy and expensive cars. Check some of the celebrities we have compiled who are handling ferocious and beautiful cars…

 1. Kudzai Alfa Adams

Kudzi Alfa Adam

Dj Stavo’s wife is one soul who does not want too much attention. She always tries to avoid much attention and does her things quietly behind the scenes. She drives a Mercedes Benz and we love it.

2. Pokello Nare



The self-proclaimed Queen of Swagger is no stranger to drive beast cars. The star has been changing one car after the other and she now is used to such creatures. Moving with beats.

3. Luminista Dambusa Jemwa

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The socialite/businesswoman is one who drives cars that are expensive and she knows how to handle them too. The flashy socialite has two Mercedes Benz that she often shows off.

4. Madam Boss

Madam Boss

The actress/comedian has just annexed another car which has controversy around it, but that’s, not the only one she has. Madam Boss is surely seen in the Prado above but she has a Mercedes Benz also.

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Source – MbareTimes

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