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NRZ Worker Saved From Jumping Off NRZ Building In Bulawayo

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Andrew Banda, a 32-year-old NRZ worker from Bellevue was pulled back by firefighters after he attempted to jump off  NRZ building in Bulawayo.

The disgruntled Bulawayo man allegedly tried to jump off his employer’s former Zimbabwe’s tallest 23-floor- building last Friday after complaining of incapacitation as his pay was “not enough to buy anything.”

The drama unfolded in broad daylight and attracted dozens of passer-by’s who watched from the streets below.

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Luckily, the allegedly depressed man was saved from the brink of the grave after security guards at the NRZ building alerted the Fire Brigade team who quickly managed to rescue him minutes after the police showed up. “The suicidal man was then taken to a nearby hospital”, reported Chief Inspector Precious Simango of Bulawayo.

An alarming and disturbing number of suicide cases has been recorded lately, with at least 4 stories a week in local newspapers. Suicidal rates have increased in Zimbabwe, especially on men this year alone hitting a shocking 50% increase from last year’s record. Most of these disturbing incidents are linked to the country’s economic situation which continues to worsen day by day.

Source Iharare

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