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Gospel Singer Kuda Mutsvene in an Affair with a Married Woman: Leaked chats and N#des

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Mutsvene is alleged to be in an adulterous affair with United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean woman Lynette Mapfeka. Lynette has since separated from her husband Calvin Marevesa after he stumbled on intimate chats between the two. In one of the chats, Lynette writes to the gospel musician saying.

Leaked WhatsApp messages which include n#de pictures have exposed popular gospel musician Kuda Mutsvene as a homewrecker. Let me send you the pics I was telling you I need a wax. After sending a pic in which she is semi-n#de and displaying her pu_b!c area, she adds. Ndatone sango ka? (I am now very hairy, right?)… I can’t wait to be all over it.

After coming across the chats, Marevesa spilt the beans to local tabloid H-Metro and supplied the chats in question. In an interview with the publication, he said. I came to realise my wife was having an affair with Kuda after I discovered messages on her phone. …My wife came to Zimbabwe last year in December and that is when they started sleeping with each other.

When I asked them both they initially denied it because they didn’t know I already knew about it and was in possession of some evidence. My wife said they were only friends, but when I showed her the evidence complete with money transactions sent to Kuda, voice notes, pictures and videos, she admitted to having an affair with Kuda.

The money was for his upkeep as he was struggling to make money from his music and also to support


his drug abuse habits. Marevesa went on to accuse his estranged wife of being a serial cheat who was also dating another man in the United Kingdom on the side. She is also in another relationship with another guy here in the UK that Kuda doesn’t know about, so she is playing the two.

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When reached for comment, Kuda denied the allegations saying that he was actually at his in-laws’ paying the bride price for his wife. He insisted that the chats between the two were innocent saying. Kutaura kuya kwataita handifungi tainzi taidanana (I don’t think those messages show we were in a relationship).


Pane achatora picture here mukore uno? I don’t know if those pictures are genuine because they don’t show it’s me. Lynette also dismissed the allegations saying that it was a case of sour grapes from her bitter ex Marevesa. Said Lynette. This is ridiculous and absurd, anyone’s ex can come up with lies just to ruin someone. I have never dated Kuda Mutsvene this is an absolute lie.


However, she seemed to come unstuck when asked about the chats and the n#de images. I am not going to comment further, I didn’t date Kuda, full-stop. Curiously though, Kuda earlier on this year, Kuda

Mutsvene issued a strong statement denying that he uses drugs after rumours circulated on social media.

Source- iHarare

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