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List of Top 100 Best ‘O’ Level Schools In Zimbabwe (2020)

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This guide provides the list of the best 100 ‘O' level high schools in Zimbabwe.

You can use this list to help you choose the best high school in Zimbabwe to send your child to in 2021. The list also contains the best boarding and mission schools in Zimbabwe.

The list of 2020 top 100 best O-Level schools from Zimbabwe is based on the pass rates of the respective schools. The pass rate takes into account the number of candidates who would have passed at least 5 subjects with a C or better versus the total number of candidates at that school.

An interesting find on this list is that the top ten of the best high schools in Zimbabwe are almost all church-owned boarding schools.

What does this say about public schools and exclusively day schools in Zimbabwe? What makes them lag behind?

You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.



Which school has the highest pass rate in Zimbabwe?

Jonh Tallach school in Matabeleland North Province has the highest pass rate in Zimbabwe. The school had a 100% pass rate in the November 2019 Zimsec exams. As a result, it is the best high school in Zimbabwe.

This makes it the best school in Zimbabwe.

You can click on each school to learn more about it including fees, uniforms and contact details.

Top 10 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

1. John Tallach High School: 100%
2. Pamushana Secondary School: 97.86%
3. Anderson Secondary School: 97.1%
4. Zimbabwe Republic Police Borrowdale: 96.58%
5. Monte Cassino Secondary School: 96.15%

6. Silveira High School: 96,12%.
7. Nyanga High School: 96%
8. St Ignatius College: 95.95%
9. Nyazura Adventist School: 94.63%
10. Regina Mundi Secondary School: 93.75%

11-20 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

11. St Dominics Chishawasha School: 93.26%
12. Kriste Mambo Secondary School:92.3%
13. Moleli High School: 92.3%
14. Langham Secondary School : 92.05%
15. St Faith’s Secondary School :91.94%

16. St Augustine’s Penhalonga : 91.91%
17. Sandringham Secondary:89.18%
18. Chikwingwizha Secondary School: 88.1%
19. Marist Brothers Secondary School: 87.3%
20. St Davids Bonda Secondary School: 86.73%


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21-30 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

21. St Antony’s High School : 86.49%
22. Alpha College: 85.71%
23. Ruya Adventist Secondary : 85.05%
24. Serima Secondary:85%
25. Hama Secondary School: 84.09%

26. Goromonzi High School: 83.77%
27. St Francis of Assisi High School: 83.67%
28. St Francis Xavier’s Kutama: 83.44%
29. Howard High School: 83.15%
30. Nyadire Secondary School: 82.81%

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31-40 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

31. Bernard Mizeki College:82.54%
32. Bradley Secondary School:82.01%
33. Mt St Mary’s Secondary School: 81. 4%
34. St Dominic’s High School : 81.15%
35. St Columba’s High School : 80.84

36. Gokomere High School :80.5%
37. Marange High School: 80.42%
38. Marondera High School:79.52%
39. Hartzell High School:79.31%
40. Shungu High School :79.27%

41-50 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

41. Sanyati Baptist Secondary School: 78.81%
42. Mazowe High School:78.33%
43. Waddilove High School:76.73%
44. Lundi Secondary School:75.47%
45. St Anne’s Goto Secondary School:74.49%

46. Mandedza High School:74.44%
47. Rusununguko High School:74.41%
48. Mukaro High School :74.21%
49. Nyahuni (Makunde) Secondary School:73.55%
50. Chibi High School:72.83%.

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51-60 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

51. St Patrick’s Secondary School:72.73%
52. Nhowe Secondary School :72.31%
53. Zimuto Secondary School:72.19%
54. Dadaya Secondary School 72%
55. St Albert’s Secondary School :71.43%

56. Berejena Secondary School:70.87%
57. Makumbe High School: 70.8%
58. Maranatha Adventist Secondary School:69.86%
59. Hanke Adventist Secondary School:69.32%
60. Mutendi High School :68.27%

61-70 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

61. Daramombe Secondary School:67.97%
62. St Peters (Mbare Secondary School): 67. 95%
63. St Paul’s Musami :67.8%
64. Nyashanu Secondary School :67.76%
65. David Livingstone Secondary School:67.31%

66. All Souls High School:66.95%
67. Emmanuel Secondary School :66.95%
68. Murewa High School:66.92%
69. Usher Secondary School:66.92%
70. Green Gables High School:65.79%

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71-80 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

71. Minda Secondary School :64.95%
72. St Johns Secondary School:64.89%
73. Presbyterian Secondary School:64.84%
74. Nagle House:64.4%
75. Queen Elizabeth School:62.86%

76. Holy Cross Secondary School:62.75%
77. St KiIlian’s Secondary School :61.73%
78. Adventist Secondary School :61.32%
79. Msthabezi Secondary School :61.11%

80. Mutare Girls High School : 60.84%

81-90 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

81. St Michaels’ High School :58.97%
82. Mt Selinda High School :58.97%
83. St Benedict’s Secondary School :58.95%
84. St Joseph’s Secondary School:58.94%
85. Makumbi High School:58.76%

86. Kwenda Secondary School:58.55%
87. Pakame Secondary School:58.46%
88. Chindunduma No 2 Secondary:57.98%
89. Loreto Secondary School:57.69%
90. Msengezi High School : 57.34%


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91-100 Best O Level Zimbabwean High Schools (2020)

91. Thekwane High School: 57.14%
92. Chemhanza Secondary School :57.14%
93. Mashoko Secondary School : 56.73%
94. Jameson High School : 56.67%
95. Ngezi Secondary School : 56.65%

96. Inyathi Secondary School:56.32%
97. Lydia Chimonyo Secondary School: 56.03%
98. St John’s High School :55.74%
99. Mucheke No 2 Ndarama School :55.4%
100. St Mathias’ Tsonzo Secondary:55.33%

What do you think of this list of top 100 high schools in Zimbabwe?


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