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Watch :The Locust Plague to Devastate Zimbabwe

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The Devine Kingdom Ministry Pastor prophesied about the locust plague and claims it is a sign from God.

The pastor claimed he saw a vision with a cloud of locust which will be a very serious outbreak. He claimed that by the time they will reach Zimbabwe they will not be edible because they have been sprayed.

The swan of locust has infested East Africa in countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

According to the local authorities from the Department of the Plant Quarantine and Plant Protection Services Institute (PQPPSI) under the Department of Research and Specialist Services entomologist, Mr Shingirayi Nyamutukwa, said they were working with IRLCO-CSA in monitoring the movement of the pest.

A possibility of them reaching Zimbabwe is there because the outbreak of the locusts was a result of favourable breeding conditions. 

See and watch  the Prophesy Below:

They will be a very big cloud of locust which will be covering the sun and people will be wondering where they will be coming from. The lord says it is a sign that there is Someone who is Sovereign in Heaven.

These locusts will be many and will be covering people but they will not kill anyone. They will devour all the green plants in their way.No government will be able to control them. They are just there for a season until they have fulfilled their purpose.

The locust will be so many that you will not want to eat them. They will be like an army. They are not going to be in all parts of the world but here in Southern Africa, they will be there.

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