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Thokozani Khupe Performs Tantrums At Polad Meeting, Storms Out In Tears

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Fortune seems to be a tale on MDC renegade, Thokozani Khupe who created her own MDC morph after being kicked out after rebelling against the late leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

After the events of the 1st August 2018, when Emmerson Mnangagwa used the military to change election results, Khupe further raised herself to the leader of the Polad dialogue club Mnangagwa created to sanitise the 1 Aug-military crackdown.

The United Nations has condemned the 1 August crime and implicated Mnangagwa for it.

Zimtrending learnt that she proved weak by storming out of the very same  Polad meeting, cry babying back home.

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She sped out of the meeting in tears yesterday after being grilled on why her party juniors blew allowances money spending three weeks running inside the posh Crowne Plaza Hotel, under the guise of engaging Ambassadors and heads of foreign missions accredited to Zimbabwe.

What is infuriating is that there is no documentation to prove what these engagements were and what was discussed, said one source.

In the latest developments, Khupe is planning to travel to the United States and Europe to engage Polad’s so-called dialogue.


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