Social media police will always find the loopholes….

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime has been fingered of setting up a secret covid-19 centre where the political and regime aligned business elite will receive first-class treatment, MDC Alliance Vice President and Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti alleges.

The allegations come in a moment where masses have been wondering where the political elite will receive treatment after much publisized Wilkins Hospitals is still under refurbishments and not ready to handle COVID -19 patients.

Tendai Biti allegations

Posting on twitter, Honorable Tendai Biti said

It appears that the regime is setting up a private #COVID2019 facility for itself. The notorious Dr Solanki who demanded US$120 000 to set up a unit at #Wilkins appears to have been mandated to set this up. There is no limit,shame, remorse or elasticity to the evils of this regime

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