A wedding in South Africa ended prematurely when the weds were arrested by South African police for violating corona virus lockdown rules.

The weds were ushered into the police vehicle

The couple is from Nseleni in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. They decided to go ahead with their wedding and ignored the presidential directive to stop all gatherings and stay home.

the weds were been arrested in Nseleni, northern KwaZulu-Natal, a short while ago. Police sources have confirmed to Savanna News that the pastor, groomsmen and bridesmaids were also arrested for contravening regulations around the lockdown.

A senior police officer confirmed the news that they received a tip off about a wedding that was happening in Nseleni and they visited the venue. He confirmed that pastor, bride and groom and bride maids will be taken to Empangeni police station and kept in the holding cells.

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