Sabastian Magacha picture leaked to the internet yesterday. The gospel artist has been the centre of attention for the wrong reasons.

His ex girlfriend has spoken about the unfortunate incident to socialite Mai Titi on Facebook live.

The girlfriend said the picture was leaked by ex husband and gospel artist Lloyd Tevedzai. The ex girlfriend said:

You would just be playing around and we both quit the relationship. Sabastian Magacha was not married by then. I then went out with gospel artist Lloyd Tevedzai. I still had a picture of Sabastian Magacha in my ipad on icloud. the picture was taken was Lloyd Tevedzai my husband. He was blackmailing me. I always told him to do it because i did not believe he had the picture. He was holding me hostage. He used the picture as a threat. It is not the first time it happened because it happened in December. I did not want to go public about it because we have a baby together. It was good as exposing me because we were in love.

we are no longer together but he has decided to get the picture out. kids will grow up and they will see things like that. I cannot suffer because it happened long ago. Im apologise to Sabastian Magacha for the leak. I take the responsibility for that. I’m really sorry about it, it was irresponsible on my part because i had not removed the picture. he does not deserve it at all. I decided to move on. Lloyd decided to do something like that to the mother of his son. It is not expected of me because as a woman it is humiliating. i came live to apologize to everybody. In a long distance relationship you take a lot of pictures and delete other pictures. It was just a screenshot of a video call but I do not have any words to my ex husband.

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