Thank him for ‘making our childhood amazing

Tom and Jerry director Gene Deitch has passed away at the age of 95.

Tom and Jerry is an American animated franchise and series of comedy short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Reports reaching zimtrending records that the director passed away unexpectedly in his apartment .

There is no particular childhood without the memories of tom and jerry.

He left a legacy indeed.

Following the news of his death, tributes have poured in online from fans, with many thanking him for ‘making’ their childhoods.

One tweeted: ‘RIP, my childhood memory maker.’ The man behind so many childhood memories has passed away ㅡDirector Gene Deitch. Thank you,Sir.#RIPGeneDeitch#TomAndJerry#Popeye—

DEWFF.T.F.M.F™ (@GodfreyDewFrost) April 19, 2020 Thank you for making my childhood happy Gene Deitch. Rest in Peace.

Another commented: ‘Legendary Tom & Jerry & Popeye director Gene Deitch died.. Salute to u sir.. U made our childhood full of entertainment…’ I’m so heart broken right now the animator of my Childhood tv shows Tom and Jerry and Popeye the sailor man Gene deitch has passed away.

 Legendary ‘Tom & Jerry’ & ‘Popeye’ director GENE DEITCH dies aged 95.RIP, my childhood memory maker.—

 ‘And a farewell to a legend who is part of childhoods and later,’ one fan added.

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