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Multichoice Increase DSTV Packages Tariffs

MultiChoice Zimbabwe has announced price increases for its DStv packages as of June 1.

The South African based Pay TV facility has been keeping several Zimbabwean families entertained during the Coronavirus Lockdown and the increase is likely to affect a number of families.

The company said in a statement:

Effective 1 June 2020, the prevailing 14,5 per cent VAT charge in Zimbabwe will be incorporated in DStv subscriptions charges.

Accordingly, DStv monthly subscription fees will be adjusted a follows:

The DStv Lite package will increase from US$7 to US$8 while the Access package will increase from US$11 to US$13. Family package will increase from US$17 to US$19, Compact package from US$25 to US$29, Compact Plus from US$40 to US$45, Premium from US$65 to US$75, HD PVR Premium from US$76 to US$88, XtraView access fee from US$11 to US$13 and Indian package from US$32 to US$37.


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