Woman Hits Own Mother To Death With A Log & Pushes Her Into A Well

67-year-old Elen Zvamweyi from Mvuma in the Midlands province reportedly died shortly after she was bashed with a log and pushed into a nine-meter deep well by her mentally retarded child.

A source close to investigations said that on Wednesday the accused had an argument with her brother Isaac Jemwa (40).

She was fuming that her brother disrespected her and was fond of belittling her.

“The accused was fuming at her brother whom she accusing of disrespecting her and poking fun at her and that did not go down well with her, prompting her to prove to him that she was not a push over,” said a source.

The source went on to say the fuming and raging sister reached for a log which she used to hit her brother.

“She hit him with a log on the head leading him to pass out but regained consciousness a few moments later. Her mother intervened to restrain her from further assaulting her brother with fists,” said a source close to investigations.

The source said the angry woman turned on her mother — and hit her with a log.

“She lost balance and fell down. She pushed her into nine-metre deep well where she died,” said the source.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident:

“I can confirm that Elen died after she was pummelled with a log and pushed into a well where she died.

We urge members of the public to keep a close eye on the mentally challenged relatives and make sure they get their medication on time.”

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