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Police Shoot, Seriously Injure Fleeing Vendor In Chitungwiza

A street vendor was shot and injured by police at a busy market in Unit L, Chitungwiza on Sunday.

Chitungwiza South MP, Maxwell Mavhunga (MDC Alliance) confirmed the incident and identified the injured vendor as Tinashe Zharare.

Mavhunga said police officers arrived at Jambanja market place in a marked police vehicle. When the vendors started to flee, a police officer fired two shots and hit Zharare. Said Mavhunga;

When people were running away, a police officer disembarked from the vehicle and fired two shots which hit Zharare.

One shot hit his ribs and the other one hit his vehicle driver’s door and went through into his right leg which was on the accelerator. There was no provocation


This is a busy market place that I am talking about.

From the extent of the injuries, you can conclude that it was not an ordinary gun or a rifle but it was a high powered gun like an FN or an AK47.


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