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UZ Lecturers Quit Over Poor Remuneration

Reports reaching Zimtrending just indicate that at least fifteen highly qualified lectures have quit working at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) last week alone over poor remuneration.

Senior lecturers holding doctorate degrees are currently earning about ZWL$7 000, equivalent to just over US$100.

Among those who have quit the institution are long-serving constitutional law lecturer Greg Linington and leading professors Donald Chimanikire and Hasu Patel.

“The situation here is terrible,” said one lecturer who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Senior lecturers are leaving every week for greener pastures and it’s not a good sign at all given that we are in the middle of examinations and very soon, marking is starting and there is a huge shortage of staff.

“For instance, only last week on Monday, 15 lecturers left, most of them being vastly experienced doctors and professors.

“This is a new brain drain. The department of political and administrative studies alone lost five lecturers and many are already processing their papers.”


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