Peter Moyo,a sungura musician and son of music icon, Tongai Moyo Dewa Moyo travelled to Bulawayo on Saturday where he paid lobola to his longtime lover Caroline Rutendo Makamache’s family.

Sources privy to the story said that contrary to rumours that Makamache provided the lobola funds, Peter had raised funds for this event through an agricultural enterprise. Sources said:

Peter has been saving proceeds from his farming business. He has chickens in Mbizo and a vibrant horticulture farming business in Sesombe.

Music has not been yielding any financial results because of the lockdown so he was concentrating on farming.

Meanwhile, Caroline is based in the United States and was married in absentia. In some jurisdictions, however, proxy weddings are not recognized as legally binding: both parties must be present.

The couple made headlines previously after Makamache had bought a surprise gift of a BMW for Peter.

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