Government officials are unsure if schools will reopen this year as local transmissions of the novel coronavirus continue to soar.

Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo said that the government is not yet in a position to announce new dates for the schools’ calendar.

Moyo said the Ministry is presently monitoring infection trends and preparing for the eventual reopening of schools by purchasing personal protective equipment (PPEs). Said Moyo:

We are presently monitoring trends, particularly Covid-19 local infections. If they continue escalating, as they are doing now, we will have to defer re-opening further mainly as a means of protecting our learners and teachers.

As a ministry, we have continued readying ourselves for the eventual re-opening through the purchasing of PPE and perfecting our (education) modules.

Moyo added that the Ministry is perfecting radio lessons for pupils and also producing physical modules related to the radio lessons in areas that do not get radio signals.

For the November examinations, Moyo said that subject will only be considered when schools reopen since pupils need adequate preparation time before they sit for the exams. He said:

For June examinations, most of those writing were private candidates, but for the November examination, we mainly have school candidates, hence (the need) for them to be ready to sit for the exams.

They need adequate learning time so that they are able to complete the syllabus.

At the moment, the only time we can talk of November examinations is when we have a set date for the re-opening of schools.

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