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Fadzai Mahere Challenges ZBC Documentary On MDC Activist Faked Their Abductions

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MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has challenged a video flighted by State-owned broadcaster ZBCtv on Wednesday which claimed that MDC Alliance activists – Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova – faked their alleged abduction.

In a post on Twitter, Mahere said the video was fake as it has too many gaping holes, more so the fact that ZBC alleges that the MDC activists faked their abduction, s_xual assault and torture, yet national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed to the media that they had been taken into police custody on the 13th of May, the day on which they disappeared.

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Mahere asks why it took four months for ZBC to produce the “evidence” that the three faked their abduction.

Read the full thread below:

The FAKE video produced by Nick Mangwana alleging that the #MDCTrio faked their abduction is shameful propaganda. ZRP spokesperson, [Assistant Commissioner Paul] Nyathi confirmed they were arrested and in POLICE CUSTODY on 13 May. How could they be in Belgravia when they were in police custody?

The FAKE video does not explain how the #MDCTrio left the custody of the police (as admitted by Paul Nyathi) and ended up beaten, tortured and sexually assaulted at Muchapondwa Business Centre. It is the State and police officers that handed them over to the abductors!

The FAKE video is a hatchet job by the State designed to cover up their culpability for abducting, sexually assaulting and torturing Joanna, Cecillia and Netsai. Mangwana doesn’t produce a shred of medical evidence to back the outrageous LIES that the ladies weren’t injured!

The FAKE video is a desperate attempt by the regime to manage the international condemnation that followed the abduction, torture and sexual assault of the #MDCTrio. No action has been taken against the perpetrators yet the trio is being persecuted for speaking out.

The FAKE video is full of gaping holes – like how we are expected to believe 5 people were served in a record 1 minute!! Remember, this is the moment ZRP Spokesperson Nyathi ADMITS the #MDCTrio has been arrested and is in police custody – the afternoon of 13 May!

The FAKE video is intentionally blurred. One cannot even identify the persons therein or see the number plate of the car. Is this hogwash meant to stand up in a court of law? It took them FOUR months to concoct this!

The FAKE video makes reference to a car that shows up on the 16th – a LIE! Who parked it there? Why do the police not know when and how it got there? When the police arrested the trio on the 13th of May what did they do with their car?

The FAKE video LIES that Cecilia’s mother comes from Muchapondwa. She does not! This a fabrication. She comes from Museri Village in Chiweshe. The authors just made this up along with the rest of the false narrative to create the impression that there’s a “coincidence.”

The FAKE video pretends that the #MDCTrio suffered no injuries. Yet in this video [embebbed in this thread], Cecilia is receiving an intravenous dose of mannitol because she had suffered brain swelling.

In the FAKE video, they lie that the #MDCTrio ordered food from their car at Chicken Inn Belgravia. Since when can you order food from Chicken Inn Belgravia when you are (i) outside the shop, (ii) in your car? Since when do they come and take your order? Embarrassing lies!

The FAKE video was aired by ZBC TV in clear breach of the SUB JUDICE rule. The #MDCTrio‘s case is still pending before the courts yet ZBC has displayed contempt of court and prejudiced the trial by flighting the doctored video. ZBC must be prosecuted for contempt!

In what capacity is ZBC TV determining that the abduction of the #MDCTrio was a hatchet job? Is this not a matter for the courts? Why are they violating the sub judice rule and playing judge, jury and executioner? Why not wait for the courts to decide?

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