Shocking As Woman Gives Birth In A Well

A woman in Mabvuku has left tongues wagging after giving birth in a well.

The circumstances leading to the women ending up in a well are not clear but details emerged that she failed to secure the services of a midwife at a local clinic resulting in the family seeking the services of a nyamukuta.

According to our source Lodza, the woman was in the company of the nyamukuta all day in case of emergency.

Narrating the incident Lodza said 

It so happened that the woman decided to seek fresh air outside. Hours passed with the family members thinking that the woman was outside panic arose when she was not found arose.

A wide search was conducted with no avail. The neighbhors then heard a faint calling outside and decided to find out only to hear the woman calling from the well. Upon checking the woman had already given birth but how she ended up in a well is not known.

The woman and the baby were taken to Sally Mugabe Hospital where she received help.

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