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Zrp Responds To Video Of Police Officer Beating School Children

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has responded to a video on social media showing a female police officer slapping school children in Kwekwe.

The police force said this in a press statement posted on its Twitter account. The video depicted a female police officer who was beating pupils without face masks at a school in Kwekwe earlier this week.

The officers are said to have gone to the school as part of an awareness campaign and it seems they were caught on camera by some students. The video then went viral leading to a public outcry.

Popular journalist Hopewell Chin'ono saw the video and offered to donate 5000 masks to schools.

However, some Twimbos saw some shortcomings in the press statement attached below. Of interest to them was the part which says

‘The Zimbabwe Republic Police does not condone such conduct during awareness campaigns and investigations are underway to verify the facts….

Below are some of the Twimbos responses to the press statement.

A poorly constructed press statement .so when does ZRP condone such conduct as you have said you do not condone such conduct during awareness campaigns ?

Hanzi during campaign. Is it ever allowed at any given time?

You can watch the video here. You can also see the Tweet and its replies here.

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