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This is a critical moment in the history of humanity. Every time there is a crisis, those who live within it experience shock and confusion. lt is only afterwards that it appears as though it was a simple passage.

The good thing is that crisis moment come and they go. There is nothing new under the sun; seasons come and seasons go. lt is the duty of leaders to chart the course in each season that humanity passes through.

The duty of every leader is to seek peace and deal in Hope in such a difficult season. To the leader in any sector, the ability to thrive in chaos calls. We are leaders in times of peace and still leaders in times of war.

Sun Tzu had this to say; a leader who is ready in times of peace will be ready in times of war.” If your emotional, spiritual, intellectual banks etc are empty by the time disaster strikes, there is no telling what the outcome shall be.

We still have grace to help us in times like these; seek Him. You may ask poignantly, what can I do my church, my clan or whatever is in trouble? The answer still remains the same – seek Him. He has brought you this far, he will take you forward.

The season is here as a tutor, reinvent yourself. In ministry, national leadership or business, it's not time to take stock and count the losses, but to pick up the lessons. Everything comes our way in this life for our benefit and the benefit of those who come after us. The leaders ought to be at the forefront of learning.

Restrategize, Refocus, ReThink Faith issues. Time matter less, seasons are a reality, war is a daily reality; buckle up and find answers.

Any leaders dealing with followers in turbulence, teach them and direct them to Him to Whom we owe so much Jehovah. We may not have answers but He is the good Shepherd of the sheep. And we praise seeing nothing but hunger, disaster, sickness, death; we keep praising lifting our eyes to His Hope, secured by His Word.

To the hills every leader should look. Upwards every living soul should focus. To the maker of the heavens and earth, the answers and solutions lie. When the human systems have faltered, He emerges on the scene and says; “Fear Not.”

The Leadership Conversations are a series of talks engaged upon by Noah Mangwarara, your Leadership Coach, with various leaders in our communities, companies, churches, councils, cities and countries.

Dr Cardwel Nyaungwa is a SPECIALIST WELLNESS COUNSELOR at Africa Transformation Center. He is the Chair: COAN GILEAD & MEN OF THE WORD ASSOCIATION.

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Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker.
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