Tilda Moyo Continues To Defy The Odds

Tilda Moyo has defied the odds and her profile continues to improve as she is now regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s veteran female broadcasters. She joined the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporate at the age of 20.

She attended Induba Primary School in Pelandaba and proceeded to do her secondary education at Founders High School.

She had always dreamt of becoming a journalist before joining Radio Zimbabwe as a radio presenter. She worked in the archives and was trained to be a technical operator as well as a host for musical programmes on Ztv.
Tilda was with ZBC for 27 years then moved to StarFM in 2013.

She started a programme on Radio 2 which was aired every Sunday morning called Zvinoitika Muhupenyu. She is loved by her listeners and has managed to gain a large following through her unrestricted shows which cover topics such as satanism, child prostitution, rape, and witchcraft.

She attended Sengwayo Church growing up and they did not believe in witchcraft. To this day she is a non-believer and that is why she was motivated to start the programme. She believes that when we die it is God’s calling, our time on earth will be up and no one can claim to take life other than God himself.”

As a journalist, she has faced many trials and tribulations because of her controversial topics. She stated, “I am pushed by the love for people, it is sad to see people that cannot assist themselves and each day I feel happy when I help someone, but it is not easy, I get threats from various people when I am tackling issues, but I am not shaken. I believe God is there to look after me and at the end of the day, I emerge victoriously.”

She said that one of her career highlights was when she was invited to the State House for lunch by the late First lady Mai Sally Mugabe.

When she moved to StarFM, Tilda was given a 3hours slot called the Tilda Show. The show can be streamed live for those living outside Zimbabwe and they can even take part to share their views.

Besides being a journalist she runs a family business and is regularly invited to functions such as weddings, church events as a guest speaker.

Tilda is happily married and has four children.

She shared some words of advice for the youth, “Life is changing every day, things come and go, but always be yourself and stay focused on your dreams.”

To young journalists, “be original and ethical, know your job and know that once you’re famous your life is a book open to everyone to read such that when you make a silly mistake, the papers will sell like hotcakes because you are a celebrity.”

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