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Zimbabwe teachers in demand worldwide

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The demand for Zimbabwean professionals around the world continues to increase with Angola and Qatar the latest countries that have requested teachers and other professionals to work in the public service.

Already, Government is finalising the vetting of 225 professionals who are to be posted to Rwanda after the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the exchange of teachers including medical personnel who are undergoing medical checkups and police clearance.

Speaking at a workshop on capacity development initiative on promoting ethical recruitment and rights-based bilateral labour migration agreements in the Southern African Region here in Victoria Falls yesterday, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima said Government is working to come up with bilateral agreements with countries where Zimbabweans will be working in order to guarantee the safety of its citizens.

He said engagements with Angola and Qatar will determine finer details of the possible postings.

Minister Mavima said citizens should be conscientious of the dangers that befall people who use irregular channels to go to other nations.

He said migration around the continent is on the rise due to a multiplicity of factors including economic conditions, political instability, conflict and civil strife as well as pull factors in receiving countries.

Prof Mavima said it is good that Zimbabwe is beginning to get requests for its professionals from other countries.

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Previously some citizens have gone to other countries with the help of private recruitment agents and gotten stranded until Government intervened.

“We want to avoid that and bilaterals are the best way to make sure the country benefit and citizens are safe. Ultimately what we want is a situation where there is the proper treatment of those who migrate from Zimbabwe to other countries,” he said.

Thousands of Zimbabweans are in neighbouring countries and the region as well as far afield.

There are 281 million citizens of the world who are outside their countries.

Prof Mavima said Sadc member states are grappling with how to effectively manage migration and enhance contribution towards regional development and integration in line with aspirations of Sadc

Labour Migration Policy Framework and Action Plan (2020-2025).
The increased migration has exposed migrants to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, migrant smuggling and modern slavery.

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