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Drug Dealers Thriving in Murewa Centre

“I order this Crystal Meth from a certain man called Diva Musoja in Mbare. That man is actually our main supplier" - Drug Dealer

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Drug dealers thriving in Murewa centre despite nation's war on drugs.

Around Murewa’s residential areas, drug havens are thriving, targeting mostly the youth and school children. The illegal drug trade has been blamed for violence in the District and rampant drug abuse in schools.

In Westend Park (Shirihuru area), some drug peddlers told a Murewa TV news crew investigating drug abuse that they were making huge profits using Murewa as their primary source for Crystal Meth, which they subsequently resell to peers.

A drug dealer in West End Park, Hatigari Chikwama (name changed to protect him), claimed in an interview that their main drug supply base is in the CBD at a local night club (sky blue).

He said they order it for as little as US$10 per gram and make a profit by selling in smaller quantities. He said:

“We break that gram into five more sachets and sell each for $5 thus getting $25 profit on every gram sold”

He added:

“I order this Crystal Meth from a certain man called Diva Musoja in Mbare. That man is actually our main supplier. You can order from as little as US$40.

When you are in Mbare you just ask any rastaman for Diva Musoja`s homestead, it is known by every drug user and dealer. They have all types of drugs that you may think of.

Either mutoriro, mbanje, cocaine or whatever. They actually order them from South Africa.”

Another dealer Pablo Escobar (not real name) claimed that selling mbanje and other related substances is a huge business I Messengers Camp where there are plenty of customers who are in serious need of drugs.

“I make a profit of about US$800 a month through selling marijuana only.”

He also said his “main base” was in small hill in Messengers Camp.

Investigations by Murewa TV revealed that there are a number of places that sell drugs in Murewa’s high density areas and among the drug dealers are youths, women, and senior citizens.

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A Murewa TV news crew visited Pablo’s “main base” in the hill behind Messengers Camp. Before reaching the hill, which is near the Public works offices, the news crew came across two youths who were guarding the base. They had blood shot eyes and appeared to be aged between 22-25 years old.

They are suspicious of people they have not seen before. One of the dealers said:

“Why are you going uphill when you do not smoke? We don’t know you and we have never seen you here.”

After a member of the news crew told them that he wanted to buy drugs they said they would be the escorts since he could not be trusted.

“We are going with you there because we are the people whom the drug dealers know. Give us your money.”

More than 20 youths where in the hill smoking in small groups. One of the dealers brought a tiny packet which was filled with marijuana.

Murewa TV also went to Highway Cross (Mwamuka area) where two men, who are between the ages of 30 and 35, run a thatched musika shade. One of the dealers said:

“You want Skank? Let me go and collect in the car then bring you some.”

After being given money, he went into a blue Hiace parked close to collect. When he returned, he forced a small packet of marijuana into the journalist’s track pockets.

The news crew also visited another house in Southgate Park (Murewa Suburbs). A woman in her late 40s sells drugs there. She said she does not keep all her drugs at her home, but a friend nearby does. Advertising her marijuana, she said she had a good grade.

Source| Murewa TV


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