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Half of Zimbabwe’s Urbanites are Tenants

Masvingo has the highest proportion of households which were tenants or lodgers.

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Zimbabweans continue facing an acute shortage of affordable housing options amid indications that at least half of the country’s urban population lives in rented accommodation.

This is according to the 2023 Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee report (ZimVac) which indicated rented accommodation continues to be an economic survival strategy especially for those who cannot afford their own homes.

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“The majority of urban households (50%) were tenants/lodgers and 8% were using tied accommodation.

A tenant or lodger is someone using land or property rented from a landlord while tied accommodation means living somewhere that is provided by one’s employer.

Masvingo had the highest proportion of households which were tenants or lodgers.

“Masvingo had 64.5% of households which were tenants or lodgers. Bulawayo had 41.6%, Manicaland 50.9%, Mashonaland Central 48.6%, Mashonaland East 50%, Mashonaland West 51%, Matabeleland North 57.8%, Matabeleland South 58.4%, Midlands 57.9% and Harare stood at 43.4%.


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