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Woman Cries for Python that was Run Over by Bus

The woman who was begging onlookers not to kill the reptile or to drive it away from the scene so that she could put it in a sack.

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Passengers traveling on an Inter-Africa Bus bound for Gwanda from Zvishavane were taken aback when a woman suddenly cried out, insisting that the bus should stop immediately.

Her request stemmed from her desire to rescue a partially injured python, which had been accidentally run over by the bus. She passionately declared that the serpent was a sacred “gift” from her ancestors.


This incident, which unfolded on Monday evening near the Mimosa Mining Company turn-off, provided a gripping 30-minute spectacle for witnesses.

A woman, whose identity remains unknown, accompanied by a middle-aged man, created a scene as she passionately cried out and pleaded with onlookers.

Some people reacted instinctively by throwing stones at the python, which measured approximately 2.5 meters, in an attempt to kill it.

However, the distressed woman fervently implored them to spare the serpent’s life.

The woman who was begging onlookers not to kill the reptile or to drive it away from the scene so that she could put it in a sack said:

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“I am the one who spotted it before it was run over by the bus. I’m supposed to go with it so that I can go and take care of it. I am asking that you let me go with it since it’s a gift from my ancestors.

Adding to the astonishing sequence of events, the woman engaged in ritualistic gestures, assuming a kneeling position close to the injured python.

Meanwhile, the man accompanying her fearlessly approached the serpent and, much to the amazement and shock of everyone present, boldly seized its tail.

The onlookers, gripped by fear, maintained a safe distance as the man darted around with the snake firmly grasping its tail.

Screams filled the air, mingling with laughter, as people reacted with a mix of amusement and terror each time the snake attempted to break free from the man’s grip.


The chaotic situation escalated when the man attempted to place the python inside a sack. Some of the initially frightened bystanders, emboldened by curiosity or concern, mustered the courage to confront him.

They anxiously questioned him about his intentions for the reptile, seeking an explanation for his peculiar actions.

Amidst the escalating altercation, one of the onlookers reacted impulsively, forcefully snatching the python from the man’s grip. Seizing the opportunity, they swiftly made a daring escape into the nearby bush, pursued closely by both the man and the woman.


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