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South Africans Rant as Burna Boy Confirms Show at FNB Stadium

They are reminding him of his previous 2019 statements when he vowed to never set foot in SA after xenophobic attacks

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Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer-songwriter, Burna Boy is set to continue his tour in South Africa, specifically Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium on September 23, 2023.

Known as the largest venue in South Africa and serving as the main stadium for the 2010 World Cup, this iconic location sets the stage for Burna Boy’s upcoming performance.

Having already made waves in South Africa by headlining the electrifying Delicious Festival last year, the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker is eager to captivate his South African fans once again with his plethora of chart-topping hits.

However, the announcement of his South African show has garnered mixed reactions.

Some South Africans are reminding Burna Boy of his previous statements made in 2019 when he vehemently vowed to never set foot in South Africa again after the country experienced xenophobic attacks against foreign Africans.

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In a tweet at the time, he expressed his frustration, saying,

“…Today after watching the killing of my people in South Africa the same way we have all watched it happen a few times in the past. F–K ALL THAT!”

This has led to calls from some individuals urging South Africans to boycott Burna Boy’s concert. Here are a few comments expressing this sentiment:


Greetings to you Sir. As a South African I’m let you know that nothing changed, we’re still xenophobic and I will like you not to change your mind about you not coming to South Africa again, We don’t have problem if you choose to go and perform at any African country besides SA


That thumb called Burna Boy is coming to South Africa, I wish ya’ll South Africans could grow have backbone and stop supporting his lame ass cos of the rant he had in 2019 when we stood up for what’s right. Fuck him 🤬🤬🤬.


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