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The Honeymoon Phase: Signs for a Zimbabwean Couple

During this phase, partners usually idealize their partner, overlook their partner’s flaws, and ignore red flags.

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The Honeymoon Phase: Signs for a Zimbabwean Couple

The honeymoon phase is the time in a relationship when sparks are flying and your stomach’s full of butterflies.

It’s the very beginning of the relationship when two people are first getting to know each other and everything seems very carefree and happy. This phase feels exciting and exhilarating.

You talk often and feel like you want to be with this person all the time. You get excited when you see their name pop up on your phone and find little ways to bring them up in conversation to your friends.

You might also miss them as soon as they leave, think about them often, and feel like your time spent together is carefree and easy.

Other signs you’re in the honeymoon phase include feeling hopeful about your future together and feeling very connected in terms of physical and emotional intimacy.

The psychology behind this phase is that it’s a period of intense passion, love, and affection that can last anywhere from several months to two years.

During this phase, couples tend to idealize each other and overlook each other’s flaws. They also tend to be more forgiving of each other’s mistakes.

The Honeymoon Phase: Signs for a Zimbabwean Couple

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Some of the mistakes that couples usually make during this phase include idealizing their partner, overlooking their partner’s flaws, ignoring red flags, and not communicating effectively.

It’s important for couples to be aware of these mistakes so that they can avoid them and build a strong foundation for their relationship.

To maintain a relationship beyond the honeymoon phase, couples can:

  1. Acknowledge it and communicate openly with your partner.
  2. Talk about sex and prioritize time together.
  3. Try something new and plan things in advance that speak to your future.
  4. Schedule sex if you’re having a lot less of it.
  5. Embrace the regular and play games.
  6. Work as one unit and consider each other’s words.

These tips can help couples keep the spark alive for years to come.

The honeymoon phase in a relationship is like a fairytale. Everything is happy, peaceful, and fun. The most important thing to do during that time is to cherish it, encourages Mouhtis.

The phase is meant to be enjoyed and to have fun.”

Go on dates, have adventures, spend a lot of time enjoying each other’s company. The honeymoon phase is also a good time to get to know your partner.

Explore mode is turned on, and you can’t get enough of learning about every facet of this person,” she continues.

There is also a wild amount of chemistry and frequent, passionate s*x.


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