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Leaked Video: Illegal Immigrants Seen Jumping Off Moving Bus

The group, mostly of blacks, took advantage of slow-moving traffic to jump and escape.

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A group of illegal immigrants were recorded on camera jumping off a moving bus allegedly in Germany.

The group, which comprised mostly of blacks, took advantage of slow-moving traffic to jump and made their escape clean.

South Africans Angry After Dr Malinga Was Deported From Zimbabwe

This is the harsh reality of foreigners living in Europe without proper documentation.

Watch the video below;

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This is not the first time reports of deported immigrants did the unthinkable. In 2015, a total of 49 Zimbabweans, believed to be mostly ex-convicts, jumped off moving buses as they were being deported from South Africa by road.


The group was among 322 people Zimbabweans who were being repatriated into the country via Beitbridge border post in a convoy of four buses.

They had been rounded up in Gauteng Province by South African authorities for violating immigration laws while others were ex convicts who had completed their prison terms in that country.

A majority of the deportees had taken advantage of the self-deportation facility, whereby immigrants pay a fee to be repatriated. The immigrants were coming from Lindela Transit and Holding Centre in Johannesburg.


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