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Leeona Mvandaba Wanted for Conning American Boyfriend

The American guy gave her R18k to book an Airbnb plus an extra R5k for her.

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Leeona Mvandaba, a youtuber and underground model in South Africa is wanted by the Police for theft.

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Leeona allegedly stole R18,000 from her America boyfriend who wanted to come to South Africa for a holiday. Leeona was given the R18k to book an Airbnb plus an extra R5k for her.

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Leeona Mvandaba on SAPS wanted list

Her boyfriend trusted Leeona because this was to be the second time she booking an Airbnb for him. Leeona went on to call the boyfriend in America and assured him that she had booked the Airbnb he was free to come. She sent him fake screenshots as proof that everything was set.

Leeona Mvandaba a Youtuber and underground model

Days passed after Leeona lied to the American guy. The boyfriend arrived in South Africa but could not located Leeona. She has been evasive since then. Now the conned guy is demanding his money back.

Chats between Leeona and the America boyfriend

Instead of sending him the money, Leeona started sending him nudes then eventually blocked him on all communication channels. The American guy is stuck here in South Africa.


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