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Quonfused's Leaked Video Drama: More To Come

"I am pretty sure whoever ane control of my gallery or ane my stuff right now might even leak more probably worse than this as I know there is more..." - Evelyn

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The new developments in the drama around leaked videos of Qounfuzed and Evelyn.

Evelyn Cleo Muzondo the girl who allegedly leaked the videos has issued an apology to the musician Qounfuzed for screen recording their private video call, which have ended up leaking online.

Quonfused's Leaked Video Call with Nude Girl Trends

In her apology posted on her Facebook page, Evelyn revealed that she recently lost her phone and hinted at the possibility of more leaks as there is more material in the phone that is now in the hands of an unknown person.

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Evelyn issued a note of apology via her Facebook account; the press statement reads:

“Hello everyone, I am very sorry for the leaked video which was of course edited. Yeah, we do things not knowing the repercussion sometimes.

Yes, these pictures and videos are mine and the last part has nothing to do with Qounfused, only the screen record is me and him and the rest has nothing to do with him.

I am sorry once again for having screen recorded my private video call with him without his consent as I was just overwhelmed at that moment.

I AM SO SORRY Qounfsed. I am pretty sure whoever ane control of my gallery or ane my stuff right now might even leak more probably worse than this as I know there is more but please I beg you…… don’t as I have had enough to face already.

I am sorry kana ndakakutadzira but kutadza kuri muvanhu. I also think this could be my bitter Ex bf but that does not flash away the fact that I had these n*des in my phone which I thought I kept safe to myself not knowing something like this might happen.

I also lost my phone few weeks ago and that leaves me in dilemma of not knowing where all this is coming from although I have my suspicions.

Please Please, ndakumbira don’t cause any more damage than this. Am sorry to all the people that I have been involved with as I know the shame and embarrassment still extends to you all, lessons learnt.

I know all this has been as well circulating to the guys I have been involved with for days before all this was leaked on social media but all the same please am sorry, I know it hurts but am sorry. Would appreciate if all of these guys do not do anything.

I understand there are those that I have hurt but all the same ndaisaonawo kuti ndikutadza. I AM SO SORRY. noone is perfect, we all learn from our mistakes.

In a video that went viral Qounfuzed is seen on his bed holding his genitalia while on a video call with the lady.

Evelyn has already deleted the post from her Facebook page.

Source| ZimNews24


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