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Johane Marange Leader Haunted By Sekuru Ndunge's Juju

"He [Sekuru Ndunge] said I need to have sex with a close female relative of mine for the other ritual to work" - Jethro.

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A leader of a Johane Marange branch in Zimunya, Mutare named Jethro Manjowe (43) has confessed that he received supernatural powers from Sekuru Ndunge to acquire wealth.

However, the goblins he obtained from the late sangoma have caused adverse consequences for him, making him ill.

Sekuru Ndunge's Legacy on the Drop

The prophet says that he sought the services of the powerful Sekuru Ndunge after seeing his aunt prosper.

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Because I wanted to be rich, in 1999, I went to Sekuru Ndunge’s shrine, where he assisted people in South Downs, Chipinge, and I told him my issue.

He gave me some ground roots, which were mixed with other things and said if I followed the ritual, I would be rich.

He also said I need to have sex with a close female relative of mine for the other ritual to work.

The Johane Marange prophet said that after telling his aunt what he needed to do to become wealthy, he returned home and carried it out.

Johanne Marange Sect Banned in Mozambique

We kept this secret to ourselves, and I started getting loads of money in no time since I am a trader.

I started getting sick last year, and after consultations, I was told it’s being caused by the medicine I got from Sekuru Ndunge.

He further revealed that when Sekuru Ndunge died, he failed to return the medicine he got after the call from the late witch doctor’s family.

When a call was made to return Sekuru Ndunge’s things, I disregarded it because, at that time, things were moving well for me.

I keep seeing weird things right now, and my body is always in pain.

I went to a lot of faith healers in vain, and now I am seeing a witch doctor in Harare who is helping me. I’m now broke and have nothing to myself except this sickness.


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