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Watch Video: How Human Hair is Processed in India

The expensive Brazilian weaves are made in unhygienic conditions

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Watch Video: How human hair is processed in India

In the video that has gone viral, men are seen processing human hair into the expensive ‘Brazilian' weaves that black African and Zimbabwean ladies wear.

Human hair in bales

Whilst these Brazilian weaves are expensive ranging from between US$25 to US$150 depending on the plug, the hairs are made in very unhygienic conditions.

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In the video that has gone viral, men are seen pulling bales of the unprocessed human hair whose source was not established.

Human hair processing

These men use very simple tools to straighten the hair strands since they would have gotten entangled when packed in the huge bales.

The men comb the hair until they are left with the straight strands which they then secure with bands.

Human hair processed

Making the wig

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Firstly the human hair needs to be prepared, ensuring individual strands are facing the right directing and are combed into an organised pile sorting the “root down” hairs into one pile and the “root up” hairs into another before recombining into a single, organized bunch.

Each bundle is washed, combed and disinfected gently to ensure no impurities are left. At this stage, hair is either left natural or permanently style, straightened or curled, to suit the desired wig style.

If hair colour isn’t uniform, the strands are coloured to create a more natural lookIn order to create a well fitted wig that’s secure, natural looking and not loose, the foundation of the wig is formed to a mould ensuring the wig fits comfortably with no irritation.

The edge and the crown of the wigs’ foundation is layered onto the mould with fine mesh silk netting to match the hair colour of the wig and sewn firmly in place together with silk ribbon to match the colour of the foundation.

All of which is held together with cotton thread laced through anchor points.Knotting is the process of attaching individual hair strands to the foundation using various different skills.

A full wig requires 30,000 to 40,000 knots, which take a total of about 40 hours of tying, which one reason as to why human hair wigs can be a little more costly.

The finished wig is then pinned to a soft block to enable styling techniques where the hair is dampened, combed through, dried in an oven and styled whether that be straightening the wig, curling the wig or cutting the wig for example.

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