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Mixed Reactions: Nthabiseng Nhlapo Takes Own Life

She made headlines when she videoed herself abusing her son

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Mixed Reactions: Nthabiseng Nhlapo Takes Own Life

Ntabiseng Nhlapo, the woman who went viral with a video showing her aggressively assaulting her son as a way of getting at her husband has reportedly committed suicide.

Outrage Over Mum Who Videoed Herself Abusing Her Son

Social media went ballistic after witnessing the vile video last week were Ntabiseng Nhlapo was seen assaulting her son with booted feet and stamping on his fragile chest and neck leading to her arrest after her husband reported the matter.

She was, however, released after appearing in court but the son was then taken away by social services workers as a way of protecting him from further abuse.

The Gauteng social development department intervened over the grim incident. The department took the traumatised child and placed him in the care of the provincial social development department.

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In collaboration with a non-profit organization, the department arranged for the child to be taken to a safe environment where he would receive the necessary support and care.

Following public fury and her subsequent arrest, Ntabiseng reportedly took her own life.

Mixed Reactions: Nthabiseng Nhlapo Takes Own Life

According to a popular blogger on X, formerly Twitter, she took her own life after intense pressure from social media users who called her evil.

It is unclear why the cruel mother decided to end her life or if she left any notes before making the ultimately tragic decision.


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