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Chamisa Rejects Discredited Election Results

After a 6-hour delay, ZEC went on to announce the incumbent as the winner

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Chamisa rejects discredited election results

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced the presidential election results pitting incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa as the winner with 52.6%.

CCC Presser Disruptors Identified

After a 6-hour delay in announcing the results, ZEC needed just 6 minutes to announce the presidential results.

According to ZEC, Nelson Chamisa of CCC got 1,967,343 votes or 44% while the incumbent attained 2,350,711 votes or 52.6% leaving the other 9 candidates to share the 3.4%.

According to the ZEC, Chamisa won against the incumbent in Harare, Bulawayo and Matabeleland North provinces but fell short in the other 7 provinces including the whole of Mashonaland, Manicaland and Midlands.

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The results show that the two protagonists almost went 50:50 in Matabeleland South.

Chamisa rejects discredited election results

The CCC have rejected the poll results. The form that was used by ZEC to present the results was did not have CCC agent's signature.

Chamisa rejects discredited election results

CCC spokesman Promise Mkhwananzi said:

We did not sign ZEC's results. Firstly because they are false results and we reject them.

We will map and announce the way forward within the next 24 hours.

Regional bodies SADC, COMESA and the continental body the AU have since described the elections as falling short of meeting the Constitutional provisions, the SADC guidelines on elections and the African Union charter on elections.


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