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Musa Khawula Jabbed Boyfriend Khambule for Cheating

Khawula stabbed Khambule several times with a knife

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Musa Khawula, a controversial celebrity blogger, has made surprising revelations about the death of his ex-boyfriend, Wandile Khambule.

Khawula has been seen admitting to jabbing Khambule to death in a TikTok video.

This admission has sparked outrage on social media, with individuals reacting in a variety of ways to the frightening disclosure.

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According to accounts, the event occurred in Vredenburg on March 4, 2022. Musa Khawula apparently went to meet Khambule, his boyfriend at the moment, and discovered him with his girlfriend, Sweetness Jahfta.

An argument ensued, and Musa Khawula chased Khambule with a knife, stabbing him multiple times.

Jahfta witnessed the horrifying attack and called for help, but it was too late. Khambule tragically lost his life as a result of the stabbing.

In the TikTok video seen by The South African, Musa Khawula can be heard admitting to the crime.

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He describes how Khambule put his hands on him, leading to the fatal altercation. Musa Khawula mentions stabbing Khambule in the chest, referencing the heart as the general area.

He expresses that he could never apologize for his actions due to the trauma he experienced.

My ni**er… he put his hands on me, and then he died. I stabbed him. Okay, this is the heart… somewhere around here.

But, I could never apologise for that due to the trauma.

The shocking confession has generated a significant response from TikTok users and social media in general.

Many users expressed disbelief and shock at Musa Khawula’s admission. Some social media users sympathized with Khambule and called for justice to be served.

Khawula was arrested in connection with the murder and is set to appear in court. In response to the charges, Musa Khawula has claimed self-defense.

He argues that he acted in response to Khambule’s physical aggression and that the stabbing was a means to protect himself.

However, the investigation and legal proceedings will ultimately determine the truth behind the events.


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