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Gokwe Corpse Refusing to be Buried

The dead person is allegedly a victim of a ritual murder

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Gokwe Corpse Refusing to be Buried

Happening now in Gokwe under Chief Chidoma, Bvurumu Village, a dead body in a coffin refused to be buried.

Gokwe Family Buries Son's Corpse At Murderer’s House

The male victim was allegedly murdered and had some body parts removed.

According to an eye witnesses naration, the dead person is speaking from the coffin giving orders to the relative on how to find the culprits.

When the media got to the site, they found the now smelly coffin placed at the door of the victim's house.

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Gokwe Corpse Refusing to be Buried

This is not the first time that a Gokwe corpse has caused mayhem in the community.

Back in 2008 after the electoral violence, a corpse of a victim of the Zanu-PF sponsored politically violence refused to be buried.

The case which involved the son of the then Governor of the Midlands, Jason Machaya ended when the murderers admitted their sinful act and went to pay reparations to the bereaved family.

The assailants were later arrested and sentenced for the murder charge.


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