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Single Mom Strangles Baby to Appease New Man

Post mortem results revealed that the cause of the child’s death was impaired breathing, strangulation

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Single Mom Strangles Baby to Appease New Man

A 24-year-old from Mbamba Village under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province who was employed as a domestic worker in Kandana Village in Plumtree allegedly teamed up with her new husband to kill her 11-month-old child from her previous relationship.

Killer Stepmom on the Run After Murder of 6-y-o.

Desperate to become husband and wife, Leaflet Ndlovu and Trust Mitsi reportedly connived to kill the former’s daughter from her previous relationship.

Circumstances are that on 8 September at around 10pm Leaflet allegedly connived with her boyfriend Mitsi who is still at large to strangle her 11-month-old baby but she did not die.

It is reported that the following day Leaflet, in a bid to cover her failed evil mission, contacted Givemore Ndlovu, her employer’s younger brother and told him that the child was not feeling well.

When Givemore came to see the child he reportedly found her groaning in pain and her left leg was swollen.

It is alleged that the following day Givemore took Leaflet and the baby to Bakisani Gambule’s homestead to seek assistance from Hleziphi Ncube, a community health worker since Givemore thought the child was dehydrated.

Ncube reportedly refused to assist them claiming that the child was not dehydrated and suspected that the child could have been assaulted or fallen from the bed and advised them to take her to hospital.

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On their way back the child reportedly died and Givemore went and reported the matter to the police who attended the scene.

On examining the child, the police reportedly noticed that her left foot was swollen.

Single Mom Strangles Baby to Appease New Man

They ferried the body to Plumtree District Hospital mortuary where a post mortem was conducted and results revealed that the cause of the child’s death was due to impaired breathing, strangulation (constriction of the neck).

Investigations after the post mortem results led to the arrest of Leaflet who has since appeared before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware facing a murder charge.

She was not formally charged and was remanded in custody to 2 October and the magistrate advised her to apply for bail at the High Court.

Arnold Mudekunye appeared for the State.

Source| B-Metro


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