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Malawian Sangoma Turns Stolen Cellphones into Snakes

Toko Omex charged at least a dollar from victims of theft and robberies who were seeking his services.

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Malawian Sangoma Turns Stolen Cellphones into Snakes

A 22-year-old Malawian sangoma yesterday cashed in on desperate residents of Mabvuku claiming he had powers to change stolen cellphones into snakes.

Businesswoman Seeks Help: Malawian Sangoma's Juju Backfires

Julius Bwanali, popularly known as Toko Omex, displayed his tools of trade wrapped in some beads and bottles stashed with a bunch of tied sticks and a ladder.

The display attracted scores of people who were seeking his services.

He charged at least a dollar, depending on services sought.

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Victims of theft and robberies dominated those who were seeking his services.

However, one of the witnesses told H-Metro that Bwanali was after milking desperate people.

Blaz ava varikuda kurova bag voenda zvavo.

Madzimai vaungana nekuti arikuti anemushonga wekuisa password pamurume kana mukadzi wako kuti asabatwe nevamwe.

Malawian Sangoma Turns Stolen Cellphones into Snakes

Bwanali claimed he has powers to make prople rich within a short space of time and claims he has a ‘spiritual aeroplane’ to fly his clients to neighbouring countries.

I have been in and out of Zimbabwe helping my clients.

I have a number of traditional charms that can bring lost lovers back, help one to be promoted, acquire jobs, and win court cases if you did not commit the alleged offence, among other things.

I can fly one to a neighbouring country with my ‘fast spiritual jet'.

Scores of people spent the better part of yesterday at the bus station close to Hunters Bar, in Mabvuku, where he was camped.

Bwanali said he was moving from one place to another.


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