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Religious Family Loses 9 Members in 3 Weeks

All nine individuals complained of a sore throat before their untimely demise.

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Religious Family Loses 9 Members in 3 Weeks

Nine members of the Mapuranga family in Nyamakate village 25, Hurungwe, have lost their lives over the past three weeks.

What makes these deaths even more perplexing is the fact that all nine individuals complained of a sore throat before their untimely demise.

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The circumstances surrounding these deaths have raised concerns and shed light on the religious beliefs held by the Mapuranga family, which have prevented them from seeking medical help or advice.

Chief Chundu, Mr. Abel Mbasera, who oversees the village where the Mapuranga family resides, has taken action in response to the tragic deaths.

He has called upon the Ministry of Health and Child Care to intervene and address the religious beliefs that hinder access to medical care for the Mapuranga family and others who might also be affected.

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Religious Family Loses 9 Members in 3 Weeks

Chief Chundu strongly condemns the practices that deny congregants their constitutional right to health care and emphasizes the importance of seeking medical assistance when needed.

I want to condemn the acts by other churches that deny congregates the right to health which is prescribed in the country’s constitution.

As traditional chiefs, we are against this. If a church is not able to give health solutions, it should allow its people to seek medical assistance.

The fact that the nine members of the same family died due to the same disease, is a sign that it is curable.

The recent death of three-year-old Ropafadzo Mapuranga, a grandchild of the family, has further deepened the sorrow within the Mapuranga family.

Ropafadzo’s mother, Blessing Nyanyiwa, who was a daughter-in-law to the Mapurangas, tragically passed away recently.

The family spokesperson, Mr. Luke Mapuranga, declined to comment on the string of deaths, requesting privacy as they mourn their loved ones.

The village headman, Mr. Agrippa Mapisaunga, has also expressed shock and disbelief at the devastating losses experienced by the family and the community.

It is further reported that the strong religious beliefs have also claimed the lives of Zvimba family members recently who perished to cholera.


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