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Crimediaries of a single black mother

Evil Stepdad Strangles Baby

Lian allegedly discovered that her daughter was groaning in pain.

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Evil Stepdad Strangles Baby

A 47-YEAR-OLD man allegedly strangled his one-year-old stepdaughter to death yesterday morning while his mother was out fetching water from a nearby borehole, in a spine-chilling crime that has left Gweru villagers baffled.

Killer Stepmom on the Run After Murder of 6-y-o.

The alleged murder took place in the Gweru suburb of Mkoba 4 at residence number 720 yesterday.

According to Mr Tinei Machaka, a neighbour, they were awakened at around 5am in the morning by the screams of Lian Phiri (35), the mother of the now-deceased Keila Tshuma.

We were asleep when we heard loud screams from Phiri and we dashed to the house only to find her holding her baby accusing her husband of having strangled him to death.

According to Mr Machaka, a passing police officer returning from night duty was alerted, which resulted in the immediate arrest of the perpetrator, Itai Tichagwa.

The informant is the biological mother to the now-deceased. Accused is the now-deceased‘s stepfather. The trio was staying together at house number 720 Mkoba 4, Gweru.

Circumstances according to the police are that yesterday around 5am Phiri, her husband and the now-deceased’s half-brother Joseph (5) were allegedly sleeping in their rented room.

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Phiri went out to fetch water at a nearby borehole leaving the now deceased and her half-brother who were still asleep in the care of the accused. The now deceased was fit and showed no signs of illness.

A few minutes after the departure of Phiri, Tichagwa allegedly sent Joseph out to buy matches and ordered him not to return until he found the matches.

Phiri returned after hours and found Tichagwa holding the now deceased before he ordered her to breastfeed the now deceased.

Evil Stepdad Strangles Baby

Phiri allegedly discovered that her daughter was groaning in pain. Phiri, the statement said started screaming and woke up neighbours shouting that her husband had killed her child.

The noise of the informant screaming was heard by a police officer who was coming from patrol who then arrested the accused and advised ZRP Mkoba.

Police officers from Mkoba 1 station were notified and the body of the deceased was found lying facing upwards whilst covered with a bed cover.

The neck had much loose play which might imply suspected twisting of the neck.

The police said Tichagwa allegedly confessed to murdering his stepdaughter.

Source| Chronicle


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