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Gwanda Gold Miner’s Death Foretold at Masowe

Mutumwa tried to contact the gold miner but he disregarded the message saying the prophet was after his money.

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Gwanda Gold Miner’s Death Foretold at Masowe

The death of a gold miner from Gwanda who perished in a road accident on Sunday has torched a storm in the mining town amid revelations that he had been warned on three separate occasions of the impending doom by a Bulawayo-based preacher.

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It is reported that during one of his church services in West Nicholson Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa of the Johane Masowe eChishanu reportedly prophesied that the gold miner (name withheld) was going to be involved in a fatal road accident before he ordered some of his relatives who were part of the service to advise him to come for prayers.

Despite repeated efforts by Archbishop Mutumwa the gold miner reportedly disregarded the message and went on to dismiss the prophet’s warning saying he was after his money.

In one of the videos in possession of B-Metro, Archbishop Mutumwa is also heard passionately pleading with one of his workers saying he should call his boss instructing him to come so that he could pray for him.

The prophecy, however, caused a furore on Sunday when the gold miner was involved in a fatal accident on his way to Bulawayo.

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After the tragedy, one of the senior congregants confirmed that Archbishop Mutumwa prophesied about the gold miner’s death before he asked his family to advise him so that he could reach out to him for prayers.

The congregant who preferred anonymity said the gold miner however, dismissed him.

He (Archbishop Mutumwa) indeed prophesied the gold miner’s death during one of his church services in West Nicholson.

He first prophesied that sometime in May and June and he instructed his relatives who attended the service to advise him to come for prayers but he didn’t.

He again came back in August and made the same prophecy indicating that he had been involved in two separate road accidents which were, however, not fatal.

Then a few weeks after he made the last prophecy the gold miner was involved in a fatal road accident while on his way to Bulawayo.

Another congregant who also preferred anonymity and a relative to the gold miner confirmed the chilling incident saying the family however, tried to reach out to Archbishop Mutumwa after the fatal accident.

Gwanda Gold Miner’s Death Foretold at Masowe

However, following news of the gold miner’s death some outraged residents in the mining town reportedly slammed Archbishop Mutumwa’s prophecy dismissing it as an inevitability and non-event.

When contacted for comment Archbishop Mutumwa somberly defended his prophecy saying:

I believe as prophets our duty is to relay the messages and visions which God gives us or has shown us.

For example throughout Bible history, God has repeatedly provided man with more than ample warning of His impending judgments.

His purpose for warning man is to motivate him to repent and come back to Him and I just did that.

Months before the fatal accident happened I tried to reach out to him (gold miner) via his relatives who attended all the church services I prophesied about the issue.

I even asked one of his workers to reach out to him but he refused to come.

I don’t blame him for turning down my request for him to come for prayers to avoid the impending doom because as people we subscribe to different beliefs.

Us as members of the apostolic sects we believe such prophecies but some they don’t.

He however, extended his deepest condolences to the gold miner’s grieving family.


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