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Zimbo Rapper Draze Gets Grammy Consideration

Draze, born Dumi Maraire, who is Chiwoniso Maraire's brother is hyping his traditionally-infused rap song Mazvita

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Zimbo Rapper Draze Gets Grammy Consideration

US-based Zimbabwean rapper Draze has made history by being the first artist from Zimbabwe to get Grammy award consideration.

GRAMMYs Add Chimurenga Genre to Awards Categories

Draze, born Dumi Maraire, is hyped as his traditionally-infused rap song Mazvita is up for consideration in the Best Melodic Rap Performance category.

The elated artist announced the news on Instagram:

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! MAZVITA is officially up for Grammy Consideration in the “Best Melodic Rap Performance” category! Thank you to everyone banging this record and continuing to support my musical journey! #Draze #Mazvita.

If Mazvita gets nominated for a Grammy, it would be a historic moment for Zimbabwean music and culture.

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It would also testify to Draze’s talent and vision as an artist who celebrates his roots and identity.

Mazvita, which means “thank you” in the Shona language, is a tribute to his parents, grandparents, and the communities that raised him in Africa and America.

Zimbo Rapper Draze Gets Grammy Consideration

The song, released in March 2023, features Draze playing the marimba, a traditional African instrument. Mazvita also blends hip-hop beats and lyrics that reflect Draze’s dual identity and experiences.

It also features his mother, Lora Chiorah, and his sister, Danai Maraire, singing in Shona and adding a traditional element to the track.

Mazvita is a song that bridges cultures. The song transports listeners from a typical hood in America to a typical city or village in Zimbabwe and is a personal thank you to my mother, father, grandparents and the communities who raised me in Africa and America.

Draze says that he plays the marimba on the track to honour his late father, Dumisani Maraire, a renowned marimba player and ethnomusicologist.

In my eyes, my father was the greatest marimba player ever. I play the instrument to salute him and my mother, Lora Chiorah.

Actually, having my mother and sister sing on the track really added the traditional element.


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